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Atc Health offers comprehensive services in ophthalmology in the treatment of all eye diseases like laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma, eyelid diseases and diabetic eye diseases. Contact  Atc Health and get your special quotes in Turkey. You can make a combination of holiday and LASIK surgery in Antalya as well as Istanbul.

A. Excimer Laser ( Laser Eye Surgery )

The common method used in the treatment of refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism is Excimer laser.

• Superficial Treatments

The outer surface of the cornea, the epithelium, is scraped and applied to the surface of the laser. At the end of the process, contact lenses are worn for a few days in order to make the surface faster and easier to heal and reduce the inconvenience. Until the surface healing is completed (48-72 hours), the vision is slightly cloudy.

• Deep Treatment

It is the most widely used method today due to its advantages such as high degree of crushing defects, the speed of visual healing and shorter duration of post-treatment discomfort (6-8 hours). Lasik method, a thin layer of corneal surface is removed after the laser is applied, and at the end of the process removed layer is covered again.

• Before Laser Treatment